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Finding a real estate deal, fixing it up, financing it, and getting it managed is all Done For You by a team of dedicated and licensed professionals.

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WTC provides hundreds of hours of FREE real estate education and introduces you to dozens of real estate experts across multiple industries.

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WTC has been redefining real Investment for the last decades. Hear from real customers, see real properties, and view thousands of real results.

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Why Should You Consider WTC?

  • The 4th largest IT-BPO destination in India
  • An educational hub with over 40 Engineering Colleges.
  • Well-developed physical and social infrastructure.
  • Sports City, F1 Racing Track and 2500 acre of residential.
  • The fastest growing residential market in Delhi NCR.
  • Supply of educated and skilled manpower.
  • Meeting the huge demand of the IT/IT's sector.
  • 19.53 * LAKH Returns from day one
  • Assured Return 11 % & 12 %

“Our financial situation is so much better now because of our work with WTC!”

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“We have been investing with the assistance of WTC for almost 9 years and have found the process to be just as they describe – very focused on customer service with a high level of integrity and professionalism. Each investment we have made has been successful and couldn’t have been easier on our end; WTC really does everything for you.”

-Manish Paul, Civil Engineer

“We’d always wanted to do real estate but didn’t have the education, time or ability to do it on our own!”

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“When I first learned about WTC Real Estate, I thought, ‘this is going to do for real estate what mutual funds did for the stock market.’ WTC is making investing in real estate available for anybody. Everything we needed to invest was anticipated by the team and delivered successfully. Over the last decades, we’ve been able to buy 7 properties.”

-Abhishek Chaturvedi and Ankita Chaturvedi, Software Engineers

“I now know what the future holds and have better control of my financial life!”

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“I was skeptical at first, but thought I ought to try to at least purchase one Property with the WTC Team. I figured if it worked once, I could do it again. It WORKED! We’ve now purchased at least a home a year for the last 8 years, and are planning on buying 4 more very soon. The steady income has helped provide for a good life.”

-Vijay Arora, Dentist

Over the Last decades, The WTC Team of Licensed Professionals Have Helped Thousands of Clients Begin Replacing Their Income:

After the grand success of WTC (World Trade Centre) Noida which was offering retails space, Viridian Red, one of the best real estate developers in India is going to launch new commercial project named by WTC CBD at Sector 132, Noida Expressway.

As one of the top assistance providers of focused real estate assets, our clients continue to watch their portfolios grow by millions of rupees of equity each year. Individual WTC clients enjoy thousands of rupees of real, spendable cash flows every month and have seen average monthly cash-on-cash returns anywhere from 11% to 12% over the last decade.

What Markets Can WTC Help Connect You To?

WTC connects you to the most predictable markets with the highest cash flows so that you can have the best shot of replacing your income and Redefining Your Investment in the shortest amount of time possible.*


Are we at the brink of a financial crisis? Half of Indians aren’t getting return on their investments, and those who are investing are getting very less returns. The investment industry has already rigged the game against us, and you may not even know it

That’s PROBLEM #1…

At WTC, we know what it’s like to feel unsure and insecure about the future. We live in a world where investments backfire us overnight, and where factors outside of our control can hijack our money and our future. Tens of Millions of Indians are turning to real estate as a supplement to their income, and as the answer to their investment woes… 

That’s PROBLEM #2…

Most people try to hit home runs when they think about getting in to real estate, and most companies try to sell you expensive education, or try to convince you to gamble on real estate deals that supposedly will help you hit it out of the park. Unfortunately the real estate education industry (with their infomercials, their reality shows, and their high ticket coaching programs) are the exact reason 97% of people who invest in real estate education, fail to ever do a single transaction, not to mention those that do a deal and lose their shirt in the process.

So, what if there was a simple, time-tested approach that solves BOTH of these big problems?

“How Much Does It Cost to Work with WTC?”

Sitting Down with an Income Replacement Specialist…


Reviewing, Evaluating, and Considering Live Real Estate Inventory…


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